The PRO Education & Certification Program is arriving soon! 

Welcome to the PRO Education & Certification Program, provided to Members of our PRO Affiliates through the Professional Remodeling Organization, Inc. (PRO, Inc)

This program will be your source for remodeling industry education, apprenticeship training, virtual and study group learning opportunities, transfers of your existing certifications to the PRO brand, and new PRO Certifications that we will provide for our PRO Affiliate Members.
The PRO Education Program consists of three components:

1) The Transfer/Renewal of Members Existing Certifications to the PRO Brand

The process and related transfer/renewal forms will be available to PRO Affiliate Members in mid September through your local PRO Affiliate. Complete the transfer application form, including information on your existing certifications and required continuing education credits, include the transfer/renewal fee, and return to your local PRO Affiliate. The PRO, Inc Certification Board will review your application, issue approval for the transfer or renewal to your local PRO Affiliate, and you will receive a new certification certificate from your local PRO Affiliate. More information will be available soon from your PRO-Delaware Valley Affiliate!
2) The New PRO Certifications Program

The PRO Education & Certification Committee will be rolling out several PRO Certification offerings over the next few months. The first two will be the Professional Remodeler Certification (PR) and the Professional Remodeler Project Manager Certification (PRM). These two new PRO Certifications will be offered through our new PRO Education Institute by means of both online coursework and/or that same coursework facilitated in a local PRO Affiliate study group setting as you may have experienced in your past certification courses. The PRO, Inc Education Committee is in the process of finalizing the required coursework content for each of these two new PRO Certifications and the programs will begin to be available to PRO Affiliate Members in late fall of this year. Look for additional PRO Certification opportunities to become available over the next year, including a PRO Lead Carpenter Certification (PLC), and PRO Green Builder (PGB) and PRO Universal Designer (PUD) Certifications among others.
3) The New PRO Apprenticeship & Training Program

This program is currently in the design stage with a focus on providing the content to PRO Affiliates and their Members to offer comprehensive and meaningful training directly to their new and apprentice level employees. The course content will touch on all levels of the components of remodeling and construction industry practices, offered in modules (safety, tools, framing, concrete, masonry, finishes, windows, doors, stairs, codes, et.) and is designed to be provided by our PRO Affiliate Member Companies to their employees over a 4 term time period. Upon satisfactory completion of the required coursework several designations can be offered through PRO, Inc. by member companies to their employees, PRO Apprentice (PA), and PRO Journeyman (PJR), as these employees move toward the certification designation of PRO Lead Carpenter (PLC). We expect to have this program available to PRO Affiliates by spring of 2022.
Look forward to receiving more information on the PRO, Inc. Education & Certification Program as it becomes available!!

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